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New Perspective Window and Custom Perspective

  • Seriously overhauled to create rich, flexible and easily switched sets of related technologies.
  • Easy to focus the available model patterns, technologies, diagram types and to the precise set.
  • Avoid the significant “noise” that arises from having multiple technologies all competing for attention.
  • Hide complete Perspective sets or individual technologies using the new customization wizard.
  • Hiding a Perspective now only removes it as an available tool, while all diagrams that already make use of the hidden technology will still render and work as normal.
  • A new Perspective drop list coupled with the re-worked Portal bar provide a rapid and effortless mechanism for switching between technologies and swapping in and out the necessary tools at the right time.
  • For user convenience, selecting a Perspective set automatically brings up the modeling wizard, ready for inserting a rich set of new modeling patterns on which to build.
  • The Model Patterns Wizard and the new Diagram dialog also allow for swapping perspectives on the fly, making it easy to find and use the exact modeling tools required.
  • Out of the box, version 14 includes many Perspectives targeting Business, Software, Systems, Architecture, Project Management and more.
  • It has been built on the belief that is easier to rapidly switch between domain focused sets of tools on an as needs basis, than to provide a mixed set of technologies and tools that try to address ALL possible modeling scenarios.

Built-in Perspectives

Create a specific edition of the tool for a single discipline, language or framework. Switch perspectives to quickly change focus to another discipline. Intuitive groupings make it easy to find the right view

  • Domain and discipline focused view and tools.
  • Perspectives target disciplines such as: Business, Software, Systems, Architecture, Project Management and more.
  • Restricted set of diagrams and comfortably work with the required diagram.
  • Expertly created pattern available for each perspective.
  • Create any number of your own perspectives.

Customized Perspective

  • Create your own perspective Sets.
  • Along with the System Defined Perspective, user can now define and Implement their own Perspectives as per their requirement.
  • If you need a Perspective that combines BPMN and SysML for instance, you can do it with ease.

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