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Enterprise Architecture Tool

Enterprise Architect Version 15.2

Comprehensive Enterprise Architecture platform
to manage your Architecture Landscape

The perfect enterprise wide solution to visualise, analyse, model, test and maintain all of your systems, software, processes and architectures. Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform to help you to stay in control of your workspace, support your colleagues and team, enable collaboration and build confidence within your most complex projects.

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Manage Complex Information

  • Diagrams for modeling strategic and business
    level concepts
  • Domain-specific profiles and reusable model patterns
  • Baselines and versioning to track architecture evolution.
  • Role-based Access Control to help the right people contribute in the right way
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Model Collaboration

Work together and smarter with enterprise-wide collaboration powered by EA model information.

Don't shoot 1000 emails!

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Agile Model Reviews

Customized workflow-driven reviews on live EA diagrams for better focus and rapid improvements.

Stop emailing documents and spreadsheets!

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