Simplified, Faster access to EA Repositories

The Pro Cloud Server Offers simple http / https connectivity to the EA Repositories. This greatly simplifies Connectivity to the model, by eliminating the need for creating a DB connection. This also allows faster access to models hosted in remote / Cloud Environments.

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Pro Cloud Server Version 3.5.0


EA Repositories on Cloud

Databases managed on Cloud by experts

EA License Management

Avail floating EA licenses from the Cloud

Secure Access

All connections are secured using HTTPS protocol

Anywhere and Anytime

Connect to your EA models from any location

Robust Cloud Deployment

Cloud hosted using AWS, the world leader in Cloud Computing Services

Location Advantage

AWS cloud Region chosen based on your location

Responsibility Matrix

Item What do we do? What do you do?
Pro Cloud Server Setup, Configuration, Maintenance, and Upgrades Just sit back and relax!
Floating License Server Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance Just sit back and relax!
SSL Certificates Secured Access to Repositories and License Server Setup and Maintenance Just sit back and relax!
Enterprise Architect Repositories Setup, Configuration, Backups, and Maintenance Just sit back and relax!
Enterprise Architect Thick Client Software - Setup and Maintenance
PCS Architecture

The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server offers a powerful gateway for third party tools to integrate with Enterprise Architect models.

Pro Cloud Server allows users to Explore, query, retrieve and update information from Enterprise Architect using powerful OSLC interface. Use the extensive RESTful API to exchange information between your model repository and other systems.

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server (PCS) offers a gateway to Enterprise Architect models. This offers a significant advantage in the tooling space. As modern teams evolve to be more agile and robust, there is an increasing need for various tools to seamlessly exchange information. The conventional way to extend the COM API of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect was perceived as an overhead in integrations with web-based tools such as JIRA, Jama, VSTS, ServiceNow, etc. The Pro Cloud Server RESTful API is a perfect answer to this problem.

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Explore, query, retrieve and update information in
Enterprise Architect via an all new API based OSLC interface

Use the extensive RESTful API to exchange information between your model repository and other systems. Based on OSLC/RDF the expanded and efficient API is immediately available for internal use by customers.


Integrate with other IT systems
Using Pro Cloud Server

Harness information and data from external tools to create an information hub for architecture data. A variety of integration plugins are currently available, with more planned. These integrations offer support for linking Enterprise Architect elements to objects and elements within external systems.

Cloud FAQs

No. EA licenses are not included and should be purchased separately.

You can share the EA licenses with us and we can get them configured in the Floating License Server on cloud. You can get a key by connecting to the license server using the details shared by us. Learn how to connect to license server here.

You can do a project transfer using native XML option (Learn more here) or avail migration services from us.

You can send the eap or eapx file of your EA project to us through any secure medium of your choice and we can get it migrated it to your cloud repositories.

It will not take more than 1 business day to setup new EA repositories.

Normally, nightly backups are taken and stored for a period of 2 weeks. If you want us to restore a specific day's backup, you can email us and we will get it restored.
If you have any specific requirements, feel free to get in touch with us.

By default, EA on Cloud service does not include any paid version of Pro Cloud Server but you can avail Token, Team, or Enterprise editions if needed.

By default, MySQL database servers are used to host your EA repositories. This can be changed as per your requirements.

Upgrades are done as and when required. For example, Pro Cloud Server will be upgraded when a new version is released.
Upgrades are usually done out of business hours or on weekends with minimal downtime to not impact the usage of customers.

You can only query the EA models using Enterprise Architect. Direct access to EA databases is not permitted.

We can share the EA models as eapx file or SQL dumps as per your requirements.

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