Sparx Systems consultancy services and advisory services help teams setup a successful Enterprise Architecture practice. Our team of experts have diverse experience working across multiple large implementations across the globe.

Implementation Services
Customization and Configuration

Customize Enterprise ArchitectSparx Systems can help firms customize Enterprise Architect to let the teams onboard and get upto speed quickly

Organizational StandardsCustom Technologies lets teams establish organizational standards and streamline architecture definition

Develop re-usable templatesWork closely to understand the processes and systems in place and help develop custom re-usable templates, patterns and profiles.

Sparx EA
Consulting Services

Sparx EA Implementation Methodology

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Implementation chart

Services - How we can assist

  • Define consistent, accurate architectures with clear separation of concerns to describe services, systems, operations, strategies and capabilities.
  • Analyze, specify, design, and verify system models using appropriate levels of abstraction.
  • Employ a rigorous, standards based approach to define and exchange architecture information
  • Technology Architecture definition to model Technology Components, Deployment locations and configurations.
  • Relate to applications and map to actual business requirements
  • Model the hardware and software infrastructure to visualize the contents of environment and logical communications.
  • Foster re-usability

Enterprise Architecture
Implementation Services

We offer short term and long term Sparx EA consultation services from your workspace

Our Consultants with blended Expertise in Enterprise Architect and Enterprise Architecture frameworks and process have helped major organizations across the globe to define, document and model their process successfully. We also support organizations in the rolling out the deployment of Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Talk to us today to design an architecture implementation strategy customized for you.

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