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Option Rich Model Patterns for MDG Technologies

Model Pattern is one of the quite useful features in Enterprise Architect. Model patterns are often used by new modelers. Also very useful when developing a complex diagram from scratch. In Enterprise Architect Version 14 it has been enhanced further. The goal is to greatly enhance the modeling experience by making Enterprise Architect users to identify suitable patterns easily and to apply for a particular domain. The upgraded user interface has huge selection of model patterns with detailed guidance and references.

Patterns & Guidance

One of the featured highlights of Enterprise Architect 14 is the rich and highly detailed set of patterns and frameworks that have been incorporated into the Model Wizard. From basic modeling tasks, to Business, Systems, Architecture, Project Management and more, the new model patterns have solutions to kick start your design process.

In addition to the pattern itself, each selection includes a detailed set of notes, references, advice and graphics depicting the pattern as initially created. Getting started with a particular modeling view or task is now so simplified and focused that it is much easier to get the right tools in place to quickly and effectively understand how to best maximize the value of a particular pattern. It almost includes more than 1000 new patterns.

Each pattern includes

  • A model fragment targeting a specific use
  • Package structure (where appropriate)
  • Detailed notes and discussion material on usage
  • Detailed links to help material and other resources related to the pattern
  • XMI based implementation for quick and easy insertion of the pattern into the current model

Patterns come in many forms

  • Simple starter patterns.
  • Diagram includes basic elements.
  • Complex multi-level examples (e.g. Collaborations).
  • Package structure or model outline (generally for various Frameworks).
  • Case Studies, Worked out examples of modeling techniques and usage.
  • Simple step wise diagrams, illustrating how to achieve specific goals.

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