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Enterprise Architect 14 Perspective and Model Patterns Overview

This article will give an overview about Modelling Intent and Diagram features of Enterprise Architect 14 specifically new perspectives combined with impressive array of new model patterns which makes modelling efforts more productive in Enterprise Architect 14.


The Enhanced Perspective option in Enterprise Architect 14 is one of the options most beginners who look for in Sparx Enterprise Architect.  Set of modeling technologies will be shown based on user selected perspective. This keeps the Pattern selection, Diagram toolbox, Stereotype selection and new diagram windows minimal. This is one of the most expected features in upcoming release of Sparx Enterprise Architect 14.

Pattern selection:

Setting the perspective to Whiteboard displays set of patterns available for whiteboard. This defeats MDG configuration in Sparx Enterprise Architect 13.5 and previous versions

Diagram toolbox:

Setting the perspective brings the toolboxes relevant to technology selected in the perspective. In the below diagram User has selected BPMN perspective. On click of more tools icon displays toolboxes relevant to BPMN

Stereotype selection:

Perspective not only reduces the options in patterns and diagram toolbox but also in stereotype selection option in an element. Setting perspective displays minimal set of profiles on stereotype selection window. In the below screenshot the profiles are listed in the dropdown based on the perspective selection

New diagram:

Perspective also affects new diagram selection option in Enterprise Architect 14. Adding a new diagram in Enterprise Architect 14 display minimal diagram types if any perspective set. In the below image BPMN and mind mapping diagrams are shown based on selected BPMN perspective

Model Patterns:

Enterprise Architect 14 Model Pattern looks very impressive than all its previous versions. The patterns listed in Model pattern window based on selected perspective. Also in Enterprise Architect 14 model pattern gives a brief note along with help files for each pattern.

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