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Specialize – An addition to Enterprise Architect 14 Ribbon

The New Menu option  “Specialize” in Enterprise Architect 14 is the modernized version of “Extend” Menu in previous Enterprise Architect versions.

To Access: Specialize Or Right Click on Project Browser | Specialize

The Specialize Menu as the features that Utilize built-in and 3rd party tools to take your model in new and very specific directions. User can extend and specialize the product’s capabilities by using Add-Ins (extensions written in COM that interact with the Enterprise Architect user interface), and by importing XML files from specific technologies, working with them and publishing model information in XMI format back to the technologies.

  • Build data models.
  • Create XSD message schema from logical models.
  • Write and execute scripts.
  • Use the new External Data Integration capabilities to link your model with other tools, such as JIRA, DOORS, WRIKE, TFS and others.
  • Manage and work with Add-Ins, Technologies and another advanced tool.

Specialize includes three Sections, Tools, Technologies, Add-In’s.

  1. Tools
  2. Technologies
  3. Add-In’s


Tools helps in developing and managing the models, user can make use of a wide range of tools for code engineering, performing transformations, creating technologies, spell checking the model, customizing features and setting operational options.


Technology as an option to Manage the In build technologies and 3rd party technology which is defined in Enterprise Architect.


Display a menu of options for importing XMI/XML from a variety of formats. ArcGIS, OWL/RDF and EMX are specifically supported, but a wide range of other tools’ XML output can be imported into Enterprise Architect using the Other Tools/Formats menu option. 


Display a menu of options for Publishing (exporting) Enterprise Architect model information in a specific format for consumption by other tools or processes.


Add-Ins enable you to add functionality to Enterprise Architect. The Enterprise Architect Add-In model builds on the features provided by the Automation Interface to enable you to extend the Enterprise Architect user interface.

Add-Ins enhance the existing functionality of Enterprise Architect through a variety of mechanisms such as Scripts, UML Profiles and the Automation Interface. Once an Add-In is registered, it can be managed using the Add-In Manager.

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