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Inbuilt support for Zachman Framework in Sparx Enterprise Architect 14

An introduction to the Zachman Framework

The Zachman Framework is a widely used approach for engineering Enterprise Architecture. This Framework is a simple logical structure that helps in organizing the information infrastructure of an Enterprise.

While conceptually simple, the Zachman Framework provides many benefits in helping technology with business needs. It has become a popular approach in defining Enterprise Architecture because it :

  • Is platform neutral
  • Is a powerful planning device
  • Is both comprehensive and readily understood by non-technical people
  • Assists in problem solving
  • Helps in documenting enterprise-wide information system architecture

Using this technology in Enterprise Architect, you can employ the Zachman Framework with the associated benefits of a powerful, open-standard modeling system

Using MDG Technology for Zachman Framework

The MDG Technology for Zachman Framework provides a model-based framework for planning, designing and implementing the Architecture for an Enterprise. The starter model provided with the technology acts as a base upon which you can build the Enterprise Architecture. You can create the appropriate diagrams from the extended Enterprise Architect UML diagram set, using Toolbox pages that support every cell of the Zachman classification framework.

This technology also provides model validation and reporting capabilities for strategic project plans.

You can also align cells across the framework (horizontally and vertically) through the Enterprise Architect Relationship Matrix.

You can view a demonstration video of the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework here.

Help topics in sparx systems provide a detailed exploration of the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework tools and features, such as.

  • The example Enterprise Architect model for the Zachman Framework
  • UML profiles (Toolbox pages) for use within specific Zachman Framework cells
  • A diagram interface for the Zachman Framework
  • New diagram types specific to the Zachman Framework
  • A flexible model starter-structure
  • Report generation capabilities for strategic project plans

Note that the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework is integrated with the features of Enterprise Architect.

Getting Started with the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework

Access the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework

  1. Create a new Enterprise Architect project file.
  2. From the Add Model Wizard select MDG Technology for Zachman Framework.
  3. From the Name panel, select the Zachman Framework Model.
  4. Click on the OK button.

A new base model for the Zachman Framework is created, displaying the Zachman Interface diagram



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