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Enterprise Architect Enhanced SysML Modeling Options

What’s new in SysML Modeling?

A huge update to the SysML technology making it one of the most compliant and easy to use implementations available today.

There have been literally hundreds of changes, modifications and embellishments to the SysML technology. The result is an implementation that is highly compliant, and a user experience that will both delight and result in great productivity gains

  • All diagrams are by default displayed in frames.
  • Revised property windows and toolboxes make working with all properties including, parts, ports and pins much easier.
  • A rich set of patterns for every diagram type providing a starting point and reference model for novices and experts alike.
  • Element compartments are now highly configurable and SysML specific.
  • Parametric and Simulation have been significantly enhanced – from modeling to configuration to execution of Model Parametric Simulation.

To Access:

Perspective | Systems Engineering | SysML, UAF, UPDM etc.

Model Patterns Window: Drop down

Conformance Improvements Compared with Enterprise Architect 13

  • Classifier behavior has now been added and can be set via the Element Details property tab.
  • Behaviors have been updated to correctly display parameters when drawn within a compartment.
  • Casing on multiple compartment names to conform with the SysML1.5 specification.
  • Bound references can now display the binding path when displayed in a compartment.
  • All SysML elements can display the AllocateTo and AllocateFrom compartment.
  • UseCase Extends connector can display a condition by adding a constraint to the connector with the type ‘Condition’.
  • Ports on an Internal Block / Parametric Diagram can display compartments from their classifying object.
  • Port names can now be displayed within the Port if ‘Show Compartments’ is enabled.
  • Inherited properties will now display with the caret (^) symbol before the name.

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